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    Dalian Advance Performance Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. (APS) was founded to inherit the cobalt salts adhesion promoter business from Australian APS (the subsidiary of NUPLEX group) in the year of 2007. The major products of APS are cobalt salts adhesion promoters for rubber and tyre industry.
    NUPLEX is a premier chemical conglomerate in Australia and New Zealand. Its subsidiary _ APS was one of the leading cobalt salts adhesion promoters producer in the world. Its Texistab and Texibond brand products have been used for many years by major tyre manufacturer. 
    After the acquisition of Australia APS, Dalian APS has not only the worldwide upscale technology and equipment for manufacturing cobalt salts rubber adhesion promoters, and the esteemed brand name and sales network, but also the un-substituted joint bargain power for cobalt raw material together with its local partners by bigger volume and economy scale, as well as other numerous shared resources. Dalian APS would like to share together with its customers of these advantages, to work in one team with its clients, to achieve the best allocation of the strategic resource procurement in the worldwide market.

    Meanwhile, Dalian APS is the only cobalt consortium member in China to fully comply with REACH Regulation. As one of the major members, APS participated the full related substances registration process.
    APS is recognized as Hi-Tech enterprise by Dalian Government.  Based on its strong R&D platform, APS is developing new specialty chemicals to server the tyre and rubber industry with more solutions.
    Dalian APS has been accredited ISO9001: 2008, ISO14000 and OHSAS18000, and has been approved by numerous worldwide tyre manufacturers.  Nowadays, in the Tyre and Rubber industry, APS is working as one of the leading cobalt salt suppliers in the world.
Our mission: Provide the best value-added products, service and solution for our customers to achieve global cost-advantage and efficiency. 
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